In Which the Minions Join a New Blog! And I Reveal That I Am a…Soccer Mom. Sigh.


146165203_a231642c3dI am so excited for this new blog.  As I just posted about over there, I am going to move all my kid-related blogging over here, though I guess for now I’ll cross-post it there too.

What’s on my mind this morning is that yesterday I realized that I am an official honest-to-goodness soccer mom.  I went to the annual meeting of the Association for Women Lawyers.  The best part of that event is the awarding of scholarships to women in law school.  Their backgrounds are always humbling and inspiring, and yesterday was no exception.  Awards are also given to practicing lawyers, for mentoring, pro bono, and community service.  The winner of the community service award in her acceptance speech talked about how working moms everywhere are involved in so many activities beyond their work and their kids, like soccer.  She accepted the award on behalf of “all of us soccer moms,” to great applause.

At first I felt left out, and a little irritated, because before being a mom, I reacted really negatively to all the emphasis on women’s roles as mother, even in professional groups like AWL.  Then suddenly I realized that in a couple of hours, after the meeting, I would be going to pick up my kindergartner from soccer practice.  !  I am a soccer mom!

I resolved my mental conflict about being a soccer mom while at the same time resenting the constant adulation of women as soccer moms this way:  soccer moms like me, who’d rather not think of themselves first as soccer moms, are still soccer moms!  Indeed, I wish there were more of my type.

Well, I have no pithy ending, that’s it.  Happy Friday everybody.   Peace, out.

PS Wondering what the heck the “minions” reference means, look here.


2 Responses to “In Which the Minions Join a New Blog! And I Reveal That I Am a…Soccer Mom. Sigh.”

  1. mkhevelev Says:

    Jessica, I too feel resentful when in any setting I’m always reminded of my motherhood, but then in any setting I find myself thinking about my kids, and I realize that I can’t separate being mom from anything else. Wonder if that’ll ever end. Will we feel like this when our kids are out of the house? Married? Have their own kids? I guess we’ll find out.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Hey Jess,

    Great blog post. It had me thinking about something our director was just saying about the clients at my agency — how they used to try to treat women as individuals and try to get them to focus on their own recovery and not their kids. The problem was that women so identify as mothers that if their relationship with their kids is not going well, they can’t really focus on anything else very well. Anyway, just a very very extraneous note, but it made me think of that.

    Not that I know anything about it, being kidless — although sometimes it makes me wonder what that means for my identity as a woman. However, that is for another place and time.

    Anyway, random thoughts from me…

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